Our infrastructure is built keeping in mind all the amenities our future generation needs, as a result we have state of the art amenities here at DWPS, Narapally. Apart from traditional amenities like  Cricket , Running tracks, Out door auditorium etc., below are few which separates us from other schools!


Smart Classes

 Advantages of Smart Classes

  •  Improves student-teacher interaction and communication. 
  •  Gives students a better understanding of concepts. 
  •  Introduces students and instructors to education technology. 
  •  Provides students a better in-classroom experience. 


Swimming Pool

Every student in our school has access to swimming pool and weekly classes are conducted to all classes.


Basket ball court

Teams are formed in each class to have them play against and be more competitive! 


Tennis Courts

We have multiple tennis courts with in the premises so that every student gets an opportunity to play!